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Vicoli di Assisi - La Pineta Appartamenti ad Assisi

The alleys of Assisi

One way to enjoy the atmosphere of Assisi is to walk in its alleys until you almost get lost. Let yourself be enchanted by their typical wonder, embellished by the evocative views of which you can enjoy moving from one point to another in the city and back, even just for a few hours, back in time and history.

Tempio di Minerva - La Pineta Appartamenti ad Assisi

Temple of Minerva

It is located in Piazza del Comune, built in 30 BC and probably dedicated to Hercules. It was transformed into the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in the sixteenth century and is among the best preserved Roman temples of the ancient world.

Basilica di San Francesco - La Pineta Appartamenti ad Assisi

Basilica of St Francis

An icon that brings the image of Assisi in the world. The construction of the Basilica of San Francesco began two years after the death of the saint, under the direction of friar Elia, a faithful friend of Francis. In the crypt rests the body of the Poverello of Assisi.

La Rocca Maggiore - La Pineta Appartamenti ad Assisi

Rocca Maggiore

Fortified structure that dominates Assisi dating back to 1173-1174, when Christian, Archbishop of Mainz, who occupied Assisi on behalf of Frederick Barbarossa. In 1198 it was destroyed by a popular uprising and rebuilt by Cardinal E. Albornoz in 1962.

Eremo delle Carceri - La Pineta Appartamenti ad Assisi

The Sanctuary of Eremo delle Carceri

Ancient Franciscan place on Mount Subasio 4 km from Assisi and 800 meters high, in the heart of a forest of oak trees - is one of the Franciscan sanctuaries guarded by the Friars Minor of the Seraphic Province of San Francesco d'Assisi. The word Prison does not mean ``prison``: it comes from the Latin ``prison``, which means secluded, solitary place, therefore suitable for the life of prayer. Here came Francis, his companions and, after them, the friars for limited periods of prayer.

Monte Subasio - La Pineta Appartamenti ad Assisi

Mount Subasio

The park develops along the slopes and on top of Mount Subasio, at the foot of which rises Assisi, which separates and connects our city to the historic centers of Spello and Nocera Umbra. All in a natural setting made of slopes, paths and pastures to visit, admire and discover.